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Please review this document for accuracy. To ensure order accuracy and 100% satisfaction, the Terms and Conditions Sale Agreement provides detailed instructions for our decorators pertaining to the following: cookie shape & design(s), decorating technique(s), color scheme, quantity, presentation, and packaging expectations.

If you have any changes and/or adjustments, please reply to  or phone # 479-309-9264.  If there are no changes, please reply to this message to confirm your request to proceed with order. 

With acceptance of this document as an official request to proceed with order, you acknowledge you have read and agree to terms and conditions below. 

·The estimated count is due at time order is placed.  

·For short notice orders (less three business days) the estimated count received at time of order is the final guaranteed count unless otherwise discussed and detailed on the attached Order Confirmation. 

·Cookie Variations & Storage: Our custom designed decorated sugar cookies are made by hand. There may be slight differences between the cookies you receive, and the cookies shown on the website or images sent to you by E-mail. 

·Pictures & /or screen shots shared by requestor for purposes of sharing vision for cookie designs are utilized by JoVe’s Bake Shoppe team for decorating inspiration only. Expect slight variations in cookie shape(s), colors and/or color shade, or final presentation & packaging for cookie designs in inspirational pictures and/or screen shots as they were not produced by JoVe’s Bake Shoppe bakery. 


·All cookie presentations are made to order based on the Order Confirmation specifications and order due date. Our sugar cookies stay fresh in their packaging for up to 2-3 weeks without cool storage. 

·Sugar cookies may be wrapped in an airtight, freezer safe container, for up to 3 months. Do not refrigerate. Condensation may affect the color and texture of the icing of hand-decorated cookies and images of photo cookies. 

·For a list of our product ingredients visit

·Our edible image sugar cookies are not certified Kosher and recommend they NOT be consumed by individuals with allergies.  Contains No nuts.  We do not offer dietary restriction friendly cookies or frosting. Our cookies and frosting contain wheat, eggs, and dairy.  Contact us to learn more: email:  

·Select local delivery or pick up: Local delivery is not available for orders under $50.00. You may pre-arrange to pick up your order from us.  Location will be provided before pick up date.  Email  to schedule.  Local delivery & pick up orders by appointment only. 

·Shipped Cookie Orders: Cookies are shipped from Bentonville, Arkansas. Total cost for shipping is supplement to the total cost of cookie presentations.  UPS ground service unless otherwise requested and documented on the Order Confirmation. 

·A keepsake picture of the final presentation and UPS Tracking # to be shared via email on ship date. 

·We are experts at shipping our products and have an extremely low rate of damage. However, occasionally it does occur. Damaged or unsuccessful deliveries are not common. If the product is damaged in shipping, we will gladly process a damage claim with UPS.  Claims must be made within 24 hours of receipt. The shipping company may require that the damaged product, box & all items included in package be picked up for inspection; so please do not discard the box, product, or any of its contents. 

·Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, and we will work with you to reasonably rectify the situation. 

·No refunds are given for incomplete or wrong addresses. Packages left at the door – sometimes a shipper will leave the package at the door if they determine it is safe. Apartments, Condos, Dormitories, Hotels, Hospitals – shipments are usually directed to a complex office or receiving department which may result in delays. We recommend letting the recipient know they will be receiving a package so they can be on the look- out for it. No refunds are given due to this delay. 

·No deliveries are accepted at Military Bases or P.O. Boxes unless otherwise discussed and documented on the Order Confirmation. 


·Returns & Exchanges: Due to the nature of custom baked and iced products, returns or exchanges are not accepted. 

·Change Order Requests: Change Order Fee may be assessed for any changes that are requested within 72 hours of the order due date. 


·Order Cancellation Policy: Plans change, and we will gladly assist you in making changes to your order date and time whenever possible. 

·Cancellations are accepted by phone or email 5 business days before your order due date.  JoVe’s Bake Shoppe reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee if insufficient time is given, as stated above, due to costs incurred in the purchase, priority, and preparation of the order. Charges for cancellations after the above time will be as follows: 50% of the entire order will be charged for cancellations 4 days prior to the order due date and 100% of the entire order will be charged for canceling the order after that time (less 4 days from order due date). It is entirely up to JoVe’s Bake Shoppe discretion, to change or otherwise offer any other options to the customer. 


·Orders that are not picked up will not be refunded. Orders that require delivery and cannot be delivered due to customer’s incorrect information or availability will be taken back to JoVe’s Bake Shoppe and stored until further notice from customer. Should you require a future delivery date, you will be held responsible for an additional product cost and/or delivery fees. 


·We take great pride and care to provide the highest quality product & prompt service. For questions or to discuss your order in further detail, please call 479-309-9264 or email us at


Payment is required up front so that I can source all of the quality ingredients for your cookies, icing, and supplies we will use during your cookie social.   Orders can be done on our website at and paid with a credit card or we can send an invoice so you can pay online with a credit card.


Product Photography:  We take photos, lots of photos! If you do not want your baked goods in the spotlight, please let me know at the time you place your order. 

As required by Arkansas law we are including the following statement.

This product was produced in a private residence that is exempt from state licensing and inspection.  This may contain allergens. ID#104010018.

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